Where’s Waldo? is a fun look-and-find book where the reader looks around different scenes with lots of different things happening, hoping that they will find Waldo somewhere among all of the people and things happening. Waldo is always dressed in a red-striped shirt and matching hat, but he’s not the easiest to find because in each picture there are other red-striped things and clothing to distract you.

When the reader finds Waldo, they can then try to find the other characters in the pictures: Wanda, the wizard, the other guy in the yellow-striped shirt, and the dog, and then also some other hidden items.

This book of Where’s Waldo? has similar pictures on each side of the book so that two or more people can be looking at the same time and you can make it a contest between everyone, then switch sides and try that side! Competing with other people is both really fun and stressful!