In Stitch Head Book 1: The Forgotten Creation Professor Erasmus, a mad scientist, created a human-like creature, called Stitch Head. Stitch Head and his friends try to make Professor Erasmus remembers who he is – his first creation. When they finally found a chance to talk to him, Professor Erasmus doesn’t care about his old creation, he only cares about the ones he is working on right now. When a circus ringmaster told Stitch Head he will make him a star, Stitch Head was totally happy, because he didn’t like to be a forgotten creature. But the ringmaster was only using him.

The book was not as exciting as I thought it would be, based on the cover. Stitch Head was a creative idea to think about, but the book itself was just okay. I found the character Creature very annoying. He reminded me of Pinocchio. He never knows when to stop. The illustrations were pretty good, however. As the name says, his head is stitched together with a blue eye. I liked the illustration of him.

I would still recommend the book and I would still give books by Guy Bass a chance. I like Pete Williamson’s illustrations.