“Stitch Head, you’re meant to be dead!”

Stitch Head: The Ghost of Grotteskew is the third book in the series by Guy Bass. It was about the ghost of Mawley Crackbone haunting the castle. The ghost tricked Stitch Head to think he wasn’t the first creation of Professor Erasmus. That made Stitch Head feel unimportant, that it didn’t matter who he was. I felt sad that he felt that way.

I loved the pictures, characters, story, and setting of this book. The book was exciting and had lots of surprises. The characters were very funny and made me laugh out loud.

Creature made Stitch Head play dead for the entire play. And at one point in the rehearsal, Stich Head moved and Creature screamed… “Stitch Head, you’re meant to be dead.” “We’ve talked about this, I want you looking deader than country dancing…” That was so funny.

The friends are so very different from each other. Stitch Head isn’t very talkative, Creature talks too much and is annoying and Arabella is brave and never scared (except for Mawley Crackbone). I like to see friends who are different being friends and getting along. The book has an amazing ending! An epic ending! I would recommend this book. I would recommend reading books one and two first before reading this one. This is a good one for eight and nine-year-olds.