Ben survived his first semester of spy school and can’t wait for summer break, though he’ll miss fellow recruit Erica Hale. However, instead of summer break, he learns recruits at spy school attend summer camp (but don’t call it that). He’s not in his bunk five minutes before a threatening message is found, targeting him, and requiring that he join a terrorist organization Spyder or die. Alexander Hale, a top agent and Erica’s father, parachutes into camp and determines that the best course of action is to remove Ben from the camp to a top-secret location. When the bus is attacked on a steep mountainside, Ben, Eric, and her father end up floating downstream. Knowing her father’s help is useless at best, and dangerous at worst, Erica plans to get them to safety with Ben’s help, even as missiles and bears and more are thrown their way.

This well-done color graphic novel closely follows the original Spy Camp story, both sequels to Spy School. Ben’s crush on Erica and lack of confidence combined with the silliness of the agents-in-charge create a fabulously fun rehashing, great for those who love either graphic novels or crime stories.