Book Summary:


In a moment of desperation, Brad Hughes made an impassioned promise to God, but when should his responsibilities end? This question plagues Brad, a widower and owner of a lucrative mining operation, after rescuing twelve-year-old Esther Morgan–a mute, orphaned child in critical condition at Children’s Hospital. The answer to his question is seemingly out of his control, even predetermined.


While advocating for the girl, Brad finds himself confronting the FBI and civil authorities, misleading his own family, and ultimately, fighting for his very life against Esther’s kidnapper and mother’s murderer: a soulless narcissistic killer. For her part, Esther (Tick) is a formidable challenge–a brilliant, volatile, perhaps dangerous child prone to secrecy, manipulation, and suspected of murder. But to Brad, the veteran miner, something rare and worth far more than gold or diamonds lies beneath Tick’s tortured surface, gifts that transform his life and the lives of everyone around her.






I absolutely loved this book. The author’s writing was flawless, and the book completely sucked me in. The intrigue was top-notch, and the main character, Tick, served as a constant puzzle, constantly mystifying the reader and dazzling also in equal measures. I loved how the book made the question of the character’s faith very clear and instrumental without it becoming overwhelming for the reader.


I also liked how quickly the story progressed; the book moved at a fast pace and was not filled up with mundane descriptions. I liked how this particularly made the book constantly interesting. I also liked how the author wrote Tick from different perspectives of the characters. It helped give an insight into each character’s mind. I also liked how the short background stories of each character were included. This particularly made it easier to get used to a new character quickly. Tick was also flawlessly edited, and I could find no errors in it.


I didn’t find many negative aspects in this book, Tick. However, I didn’t quite like how unrelatable Tick got. With her perfect skills and supposedly amazing intellect, she began to look more like an alien child with superpowers. This made my understanding of her a bit vague.


I enjoyed reading every part of this book, despite the inability to relate to the main character. So, in the absence of any reason to lower my final rating, I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.


I would recommend this book to anyone that loves crime books and thrillers. If you also enjoy books about serial killers, then this book would be suitable for you.

– Oluoma Chukwu, Online Book Club.


About the Author:


The storyteller, a graduate in Civil Engineering from Tufts University with an MBA from the University of Utah, grew up in an isolated Peruvian mining camp located at 12,000 feet elevation. Childhood pastimes included exploring the mountains and jungles of Peru, reading, riding horses, and hunting. Following a family tradition, Mr. Higgs went into the mining business, participating in operations in Minnesota, Nova Scotia, the Bahamas, Peru, Chile, Alberta (Fort McMurray), and Utah. The book would not be possible without his wife Kathryn, who poured over every paragraph, adding life and color to the dialogue.