Welcoming new children to the world is one of the most exciting and nerve-racking things parents can do. This book is for new parents to read to their children about all the exciting things the baby will get to experience over the first couple of years of its life. Each set of pages is focused on a different child, there is no set star of the book to follow. On every page is a short set of phrases that generally start with “Welcome to the…” before mentioning a different event, item, person, or topic. There is talk of going outside, playing in the kitchen, plants, animals, baby brothers or sisters, and more. While the words are repetitive and the art is fairly easy to follow, the language is more designed for adults to read to children. Possibly having the children attempt to read the words out loud themselves with the help of an adult. The art is fairly expressive and mostly engaging, but the lack of a main lead to follow does not help the book overall.