The Thursday Murder Club is back, in what promises to be a very welcome annual event. Osman’s trademark wit infuses this mystery in which the retired nurse, psychiatrist, union organizer, and spy unite again, now joined by a former KGB agent, a make-up artist, and a dog. And, as usual, assisted by two of the local police force’s finest. The Club wants to unravel a decade-old crime: who drove a TV reporter off a cliff? But then, in an unrelated plot, Elizabeth begins to receive unnerving texts, demanding that she murder someone… or else.

With more romance and happiness than in the first two books of the series (although it’s not necessary to read them in order), readers will romp through the pages. I particularly enjoy how nearly everything is rendered in dialogue or internal thought, with little need for details of setting, dress, or even facial expression. This keeps the focus firmly on the characters, each of whom is delightfully funny and engaging, even the “bad guys” despite their threats and neuroses. So, brew yourself a strong cup of tea and settle in. This will be fun!