f you’re tired of reading biographies of politicians written by writers with agendas, this may be a book for you. Chris Whipple does his best to examine the strengths and weaknesses of President Joe Biden without coming down too hard on one side or the other of the debate. Yes, he more often writes about the positive aspects of the Biden presidency, but that’s balanced by the harshness with which he emphasizes the errors of this administration: “Biden’s reputation for competence had been damaged by the bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan, which was hastily planned and poorly executed.” Wow.


All in all, this first draft of history will not cause Biden’s supporters to abandon him, nor will it convince detractors to change their position. My own impression of the president after reading the 300-plus page account is that he’s an individual with good intentions who is sometimes tripped up by his own personal needs, wants, and character traits. Whipple certainly makes it clear that this president can occasionally – as with his decision on Afghanistan – be as stubborn and closeminded as any of his predecessors in the Oval Office.


Kudos to Whipple for presenting information without drawing a final conclusion for the reader.